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Why is everyone talking about tiktodatapravacysetllement.com everywhere on social media? Everyone is talking about a 92 million dollar claim for settlement in full. Let us know about it. Firstly, TikTok is an app developed for entertainment purposes, it lets you share whatever you want to in connection with dance, music, or any of the entertainment categories.

Millions of users use this app on daily basis and many accounts are created on daily basis through this app. Creating an account is a process where you have to complete some online requirements which expose your personal information, whether it is your email address, name, or date of birth.

A lawsuit has been filed against this entertainment company/app, a few months ago, for data piracy that is not legal and the misuse of information from users (children) without their consent. Additionally, there was a settlement agreement. The complainants have agreed to the settlement of their claims with the company and came up with an initiative that can earn you cash if you qualify.

TikTok May Owe You Money From Its $92 Million Data Privacy Settlement

If you were a user of Tik Tok before October 1st and are a resident of the United States, you may be qualified to receive a part of a 92 million dollar payout since it is a part of a class action lawsuit settlement. Users of TikTok were notified through an in-app notification feature that they may qualify and guided them to visit a link to a website that explains everything about Data Privacy settlement payment. The settlement came after a class-action lawsuit that alleged that TikTok had collected personal information from the users and shared the information with third parties without taking consent from the users. TikTok denied all these allegations but also agreed to pay $92M to settle.

Tiktok settlement: how to claim your money

First things first, it may be too late already to get your money if you are hearing about this lawsuit at this time. The deadline to submit a claim was the 21st of March, 2022 according to the claim. The next thing is to find out how much money is coming to you if you have already filed for your claim. It depends on whether or not you were living in Illinois at the time that is covered by the lawsuit. You are eligible to get $27.87 if you are in the “nationwide class”, which means you live in the United States and used TikTok before September 30th, 2021. If you were living in Illinois, and you used the app and also created videos before that date, then you will get $167.04. So, if you still have not received your money, keep checking your Venmo or PayPal account that you used in your claim. Though these are not some life-changing amounts of money, they mean a lot to many people.

What is the TikTok Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Notice?

Users of TikTok in the US are getting a notification that claims that they are eligible for settlement money if they used the app before the 1st of October in 2021. TikTok users in the US were met with a notification on November 15th that they may be eligible for a class settlement money if they used the app on or before the 1st of October 2021.

Do TikTok violations expire

Accumulate violations will go away eventually from your record, according to TikTok, but the length of duration is not mentioned anywhere. If you have committed some type of serious offense, your account will be banned permanently. If you have been banned by TikTok, you may never be able to create another account. If you are worried about violations on your account, avoiding them is the best way to be safe. Read community guidelines carefully and follow them strictly. If you end up violating these guidelines, you will have to learn from your own mistakes and you may have to be more careful in the future.

TikTok data privacy notice of settlement

The complainants depose that TikTok misused the biometric data, stored the information of users, and shared that information with third parties such as Facebook and Google without taking consent from the users. It is deposed that facial recognition is used by TikTok to gain a competitive benefit over other apps in social media. The lawsuit also alleged that facial recognition was used to get personal information such as gender, race, and age. The citizens of Illinois were given the right to act against TikTok by the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act for using their biometric data without their permission.

According to the suit, unposted and drafted videos were also used by the app to collect and store information and the personal information of that user was being disclosed to third parties illegally.  TikTok agreed to a settlement to keep the case from going to trial and also made some changes. Some information will be erased, but we cannot sure if the data is unposted drafts or biometric information.

TikTok has also said that it will not collect biometric information anymore, not track the location of the user, no longer collect information from the drafter content of the user, and will not store the data of any US citizen outside of the United States.

TikTokdatapravacysettlement.com is trending over social media these days because it is giving money to users if they used the app before 1st October 2021. The reason behind this was a lawsuit that was filed against it by the users who suffered data theft. A certain group of people who call themselves Plaintiffs started this campaign after reaching an agreement with the TikTok.

The reason they did this is to cut down the costs of court and other fees that are associated with the lawsuit. This settlement payout acts as a chance to earn compensation that offers cash to qualifying TikTok users. The payment settlement occurred due to the illegal use of the data from TikTok users. According to the website, there are 92 million dollars which could be referred to as the claim amount.

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