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The gamified environment of Gimkit is getting all the love from students and teachers these days. The unique technology of this app grades the homework that is done by the students automatically and lets them work together to get the most out of it. Students can join this app by clicking on The game can be used easily and it also includes a completely free version with 5 kits. These kits can be accessed at any time. If you are interested in a paid version, you can choose between a monthly or an annual plan. Gimkit’s free version includes all the features as well.

Students can make three different kits with the free version in Gimkit, each kit has a different question and answer. The student gets a separate report with a URL after every game, this URL can be shared with other apps as well. Regardless of whether you are using Gimkit for homework or assignments that are graded automatically, the system of gamified will help your students to be on track. Thus, you can assign a specific project, such as putting together homework, to several students, and also track their progress.

Best Gimkit strategy

First, keep upgrading the Streak Bonus, and then upgrade MPT until you reach the 5th stage. At this stage, you should purchase the multiplier. Make sure you buy the highest-level stage that is available. Remember, the Bonus streak gives more money than MPQ.

Best Gimkit upgrades

Approximately three years ago when Gimkit was started, it only had four grades in the shop, MPQ(money per question), Streak Bonus, Multiplier, and Insurance. Some additionals have been added and the pricing has been changed a bit as well. But one thing is still the same and that is the way these upgrades work. Today, there is a change in how Streak Bonus works.

Earlier, the streak bonus worked only when a student gave two right answers in a row. It is stacked now. So you will receive an additional bonus when you answer the second question correctly and then again a bonus on your additional questions and answers. The streak resets to zero if you get one question wrong. You will earn more when your answers are right.

Can you play Gimkit for free

Gimkit Basic is a free version of Gimkit and it is completely free. All you have to do is, get a free educator account. You can sign up for that account easily. With the basic version, you can play Gimkit featured modes with multiple students, set up a class, and collect reports as well.

g and g associates reviews

Any classroom can use Gimkit to review and introduce new concepts, it is a combination of Quizlet and Kahoot, but with some of the best features. You can have a fast-paced experience with live gameplay, and it is engaging as well. Gimkit functions are similar to flash cars when it is assigned for independent practice. It is very easy to get started; look for question sets or kits designed by other users, and copy and change them according to your needs. You can also import question sets that already exist into Gimk from other spreadsheet or flash card platforms. Students can help build these kits instantly by submitting their questions. This makes it easy to embed a game into your lesson with not much prep. The assignments feature can be used by the teachers to give homework. Due dates will be set by the teachers, and students work at their own pace through the kit, answering all the questions until they reach a goal that is set for them.

how to join a class on Gimkit

There will be no registration process when a student clicks the link to join a class created by a teacher. Students can join easily with Google or just by entering their email address information. They will be in with one click if they join with Google. With so many unique features, the Gimkit software is very easy to use. Teachers can create a lesion and test with the help of their free version, whereas the paid version comes with more advanced features. It can also import sets of questions from other platforms and apps. There are many options available for teachers to customize or personalize the experience of their students through Live lessons. Teachers can assign homework, create customized learning kits, and assign interactive review games.

Players can create their accounts on their devices such as laptops or computers. The leaderboard of the game shows the amount of money every student has earned so far. The game has a special feature where players can either turn on or turn off their power-ups.  There are quizzes, power-ups, and other ways to personalize the experience of the game. Gimkit is a wonderful way to make your classroom learning fun. This tool can also be used to help your students learn new words. The Gimkit app is very much similar to writing an article in a blog or a newspaper. The UI or user interface of this app is just like a traditional Word document, there is also an editable version of it. Gimkit lets the teacher control the speed of a story, unlike in-person writing, and the students will be able to answer questions by matching words with the images. This feature helps kids learn vocabulary and improve the way they understand the lesson.

For students, Gimkit is an interactive learning app that appears like a quiz. By answering the questions correctly, users can earn money. The system lets students and educators earn money for answering questions that are multiple choice. They can also edit and copy quizzes from a gallery or they can use a third-party tool. Teacher and student collaboration is also possible with this game. Quizzes can be exported into a class-wide KitCollab by the teachers. It is a great choice for the classroom for any teacher overall.

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