Influences of Fashion


Fashion is an important element of lifestyle and can have a wide range of influences. It can reflect social class, generation, and geography. Fashion trends can even be cyclical, coming back in time and again. Often, it is a reaction to events or popular culture. For example, a young woman in England wearing a skirt and boots from the 60s could be seen as very out-of-date by the time she reaches her 40s.

Fashion is defined as the style of clothing worn by different groups of people. It may be high fashion or low fashion, and can range from street style to mass-produced sportswear. A designer’s clothing will often look much different than street style, which is more casual and less expensive. However, a trend can encourage creativity as well as materialistic consumerism.

Fashion is often a powerful means of spreading ideas and changing society. Several projects have shown how fashion can spread ideas cogently and effectively while retaining a ‘cool’ factor. One such project, led by Professor Helen Storey MBE and Professor Tony Ryan, examined the use of textiles as catalytic surfaces. Their project resulted in the catalytic dress ‘Herself’. Another example is the photocatalyst, a technology that uses light to break down air pollution.

In addition to clothing, fashion can also refer to a person’s manner of speaking and their preferences. It is also a means of social standing and can be a way of showing individuality. Fashion has become an integral part of everyday life and is an essential part of the way people present themselves. People can wear the latest clothing styles to express their opinions, style, or lifestyle. Fashion also extends to home decor, cars, and other objects.

Internet-based shopping is another major contributor to the retail fashion industry. A number of large fashion houses have websites to sell their items. Smaller fashion brands have also used websites to sell products to consumers directly. The internet has also helped launch many new designers and boutiques. In many cases, the same item can be seen on multiple websites within a short period of time.

Historically, fashion has been influenced by the creative genius of tailors, dressmakers, and textile workers. Since the nineteenth century, the role of the professional fashion designer has grown to become more prominent. Fashion designers have developed a more sophisticated method of fashion design. Creating new styles has evolved into an art form. Fashion designers must consider the body’s shape and movement as well as its aesthetics.

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