Men’s Fashion in the ’70s and ’80s


There was a great deal of variety in the style of men’s clothing during the ’70s, when the decade saw bell-bottom jeans and clashing colors. Men also began wearing neckties and other neckwear to accent their trousers. While this type of clothing was once considered formal and only worn by the rich, it soon became popular among young men without a sense of style. The ’70s’ were also notable for the popularity of collegiate attire and casual clothes.

Traditionally, men’s fashion was more subtle, with clothing tailored to fit the wearer’s physique. Nowadays, many young men improvise their clothes to suit different occasions. Casual outfits can be worn during the day while formal suits are reserved for nights out. With the increasing popularity of streetwear, men’s fashion has transcended the concept of being only in jeans and t-shirts. Today, stylish young men wear everything from slim-fit chinos to hoodies with blazers.

After World War II, men’s fashion changed for the better. Suits lost shoulder pads and were worn without vests. Shirt collars became smaller and ties were slimmer. Hats brims became narrower, and trousers remained mostly the same. This era was the heyday of the polo shirt. However, the decade was a lull for men’s fashion. This period also brought about a great deal of change in men’s fashion.

Another major shift in men’s fashion was the emergence of polo shirts and bush shirts. Sweaters, which were once considered unfashionable, were also becoming popular with younger men. In fact, they were even re-evaluated as refined fashion garments. A polo shirt and a bush shirt soon became staples in men’s fashion. For the next few years, the flat lapel collar will be a big trend this summer.

It’s important to choose men’s clothing that fits properly. A bad fit can ruin any effort to create a unique look. A poor fit can lead to uncomfortable discomfort and make you look less confident. A good way to find a suit that fits well is to define your style and make sure it’s executed properly. Before you head out to the store, decide what look you want to create. Don’t aimlessly browse.

One of the hottest trends in men’s fashion is accessories. Previously, accessories were reserved for the rich, but nowadays, they can be found for less. While solid gold bracelets studded with diamonds are still available, natural stone bracelets with gold plating are increasingly popular. Having the highest-end clothing and the biggest diamond on a ring are no longer necessary to look trendy, but being unique is the latest trend. Many people try to stand out by wearing brands that they don’t even know.

Another hot trend for men’s fashion this year is going all white. This is a surefire way to stay cool during the hottest months. A crisp white T-shirt teamed with a pair of chino shorts and tonal leather sneakers is the perfect summer style. To tone down the all-white look, you can wear a navy overshirt over it. Whether you’re dressing for a formal event or a day out with friends, there’s a look that’s sure to keep you looking good and feeling great.

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