Different Types of Fashion


There are various fashion styles, each with its own characteristics. Classic fashion tends to be more formal and experiences fewer trends; this style includes tailored pants, shirts, and blazers.

Femboyant fashion is an increasingly popular trend that features boys and non-binary individuals wearing traditionally feminine clothing, such as slip dresses and butterfly hair clips, to show their feminine side. This style has quickly gained widespread acceptance among Gen Z.


Boho fashion draws its inspiration from hippie culture and Roma gipsies, and can be identified by long, flowing dresses with earth-toned clogs or boots and oversize accessories.

Boho clothing often features embellished or fringed garments. Their fluid silhouettes flatter any body type and can be paired with jackets, vests or even hats for an eclectic yet chic aesthetic.

Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Mary-Kate Olsen have become iconic for their boho aesthetic. Bohemian clothing can help creative individuals express themselves freely in clothing and lifestyle choices.


Grunge fashion was popular during the 90s and characterized by wearing affordable thrift-store clothing that could withstand time. This style was heavily influenced by musicians such as Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain and Hole’s Courtney Love who both donned messy hair and careless make-up to demonstrate that people’s worth wasn’t determined by money or clothes alone.

Grunge fashion encompasses several subcategories, such as fairy and pink grunge aesthetics. Both types can be identified by wearing oversized t-shirts, baggy jeans and Doc Marten boots with metal chains or studs for additional flair.

Haute Couture

Haute Couture (IPA: [okut]) is a fashion style known for custom-fitted high-end design. This art form can be identified by one-of-a-kind designs, superior-grade fabrics, intricate ornamentation and attention to detail.

At the core of couture fabrication lies gathering the raw materials needed to craft fabric from animals, plants or synthetic materials.

Once material has been acquired, it must be transformed into yarns and threads before being used to craft garments – this process may take up to six months per dress!


Ethnic fashion refers to clothing styles derived from culture or country-specific traditions and is typically marked by vibrant colors and eye-catching designs.

Ethnic fashion should not be perceived as being racist; rather it aims at emphasizing shared values and traditions.

Thai traditional dress features an outfit called a sinh and long tube-shaped blouse known as khum; both pieces can be found worn by both men and women alike.

Street Wear

Streetwear fashion is a youth-centric style of casual apparel and athleisurewear that originated as part of counterculture and DIY movement, often drawing influence from hip hop culture, skateboarding, 80s nostalgia and Japanese street fashion.

Style features clothing with loose or baggy clothing, graphic t-shirts, sneakers, hats and other accessories such as sunglasses or hats that encroach onto the body in unusual ways, playing with proportions to create an aesthetically pleasing effect, as well as breaking rules to achieve this fashionable effect. Color options may range from neutral through pastel or bright hues.


Classic clothing styles tend to be conservative and work-appropriate. This fashion style emphasizes classic designs with simple pieces that can easily be combined. Additionally, quality fabrics may also play a large part in this type of attire.

Fashion trends often come and go quickly; yet some classic styles remain everlasting. Elegant yet practical, classic styles are suitable for both formal and casual events and include suits, formal shirts and blazers for men as well as body-fitting salwar suits or kurtas for women.


Casual comfortable clothing is a contemporary fashion style that blends practical everyday clothes with semi-formal fabrics. Jeans, chinos, hoodies, T-shirts and sweaters all fit into this category of attire.

Loose and effortless silhouettes such as oversized sweaters and wide leg pants work best. Accessories made of smooth leather or canvas help create a casual look; shoes in flat and heel styles like loafers, ankle and knee boots, ballet flats, or classic sneakers work perfectly for this style.

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