Binge-Worthy TV Shows of 2024


From gripping thrillers to heartwarming sports comedies, 2018 TV has offered up binge-worthy gems. From Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm’s return, Dune: Prophecy spy prequel and HBO’s political satire The Regime to Park Chan-wook’s mind-melting action-thriller The Sympathizer by Park Chan-wook… there has been something on TV to satisfy every taste!

The Boys may not be suitable for those easily distressed by gore, but its powerful themes of power and justice make it worth watching.


Stranger Things has already established itself as a cultural icon, and is poised to become even more so as its final season draws near. While Stranger Things will likely dominate conversations this year, other great television series are sure to catch your interest and keep the conversation moving along.

Tatiana Maslany may no longer play Orphan Black, but she returns in this spinoff series. Keira Knightley also rejoins director Joe Barton for Black Doves; here she plays a politician’s wife who gives information to an unsavoury organization (with Ben Whishaw serving as their assassin).

3 Body Problem, co-created by Game of Thrones duo David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, brings their world-spanning mystery set in the past, present and future from Liu Cixin’s Three Body Problem trilogy to Netflix in an immersive series that follows an astrophysicist whose discoveries have far-reaching ramifications – guaranteeing to be trippy, confusing yet ultimately captivating viewing!

Happy Valley

Keeley Hawes shines like a diamond as Catherine Cawood, an up-and-coming detective with personal and professional issues to contend with. This Yorkshire-set series strikes the perfect balance between gritty working class realism and glossy production values, featuring both established stars as well as promising newcomers.

PBS Passport offers you an explosion of fun. Justin Hartley stars as an independent survivalist who lends his skills to help individuals and law enforcement solve various mysteries, while simultaneously dealing with his fractured family life.

While all the buzz about Stranger Things might make you forget that there are other incredible shows out there, why not give one of these binge-worthy gems a try this weekend? You won’t regret it.


After an intense year marked by strikes, mergers, and layoffs, 2024 looks set to be television’s comeback season. We can look forward to beloved continuations that were put off due to strike-enforced hiatuses as well as long-running adaptations, spin-offs, and original projects – and much more besides!

Tracker, an action-thriller from Quinta Brunson starring This Is Us’ Justin Hartley as an individualistic survivalist taking on private jobs to unravel mysteries, is among the latest offerings. Additionally, Disclaimer boasts an incredible cast (Cate Blanchett and Robin Weigert from Deadwood are featured) that gives it extra charm before even airing its first episode.

Gi-hun leads a team of deadly game hunters in Squid Game’s second season; Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen follows an unexpected heir of a weed empire who finds himself drawn into criminal underground; Kate Winslet makes her return with The Regime: Will Tracy and Stephen Frears’ political satire about an unraveling Central European authoritarian regime from Succession; it features Stephen Frears.

The Boys

The Boys is an explosively humorous yet subversively dark series created by Eric Kripke for Amazon Prime Video that explores Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s world on screen. Following The Boys – an underground CIA unit monitoring superheroes to prevent those misusing their powers from misusing them – viewers will experience darkly comic and deeply cynical storytelling that brings their world alive onscreen.

Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), an intense and angry figure with a deep hatred for anyone with superpowers, leads his group. Joining him are Mother’s Milk, Frenchie and Wee Hughie Campbell; recruited after experiencing something which caused them all to become equally as bitter and angry as Butcher himself.

Starlight, a young and inexperienced superhero, joins The Seven, an elite Vought-American-sanctioned superhero team being monitored by Butcher and The Boys. As Butcher and The Boys investigate these superheroes as powerful allies against globalism, militarism and nationalism become prevalent issues within society – where these superheroes become as influential as politicians while worshiped like gods.

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