Lucid Air Goes Into Production

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Lucid Air Goes Into Production

Lucid Air is the company which makes the inflatable air mattresses. The company’s founders had come across an idea while they were employed as technical consultants for a multinational company. Afterwards, they decided to apply their expertise to the field and started manufacturing air mattresses. In the past, Lucid Air has been able to win numerous awards for best firm in the market, which can be seen on their official website.

What makes the company’s air mattress popular is the fact that it can provide air support while allowing users to sleep comfortably. Aside from its special features, Lucid Air Mattresses are also considered to be very durable and they do not easily lose their shape. In fact, the company ensures that each air mattress is backed by a five-year limited warranty. This way, customers can get peace of mind knowing that they are purchasing a quality product. The company is also planning on releasing an additional line of mattresses in the future.

In this new line of products, the company has already taken into account what customers want from an air mattress. The company’s researchers have come up with technologies which allow air to pass through the material, preventing the need for a box spring. It is because of this reason why many people consider buying an air mattress but not a conventional one. With the company’s current line of products, buyers will get the comfort that they are looking for.

There is also the convenience that is provided by the machine itself. Once you have bought one, you will no longer have to worry about keeping your mattress dry and dust-free. You will also find it easy to wash and sanitize. The company has also provided a user manual so that users will not find it too difficult to operate.

Lucid Air also offers an eco-friendly version of their air beds. The company’s aim is to help save mother earth. Each air bed has been crafted using renewable resources. All the materials used in its construction have been recycled. This can mean a cleaner environment as well as saving on the company’s expenses.

One of the latest additions to the product range is the Sleep Number mattress. This is one of the most innovative air mattresses available today. The sleep number allows the user to adjust the air flow according to the sleeping position of the person sleeping on it. If the user is comfortable, the air will be less dense.

The company’s latest product, the Sleep Number B2 mattress, has even more to offer. The product is said to have the highest R value among all their products. It is considered to be the most advanced technology in air mattresses available today. Other than this, the product range also includes the Insomnia/Workout Mattress and the Bestop Easy Bed mattress. There are also many other models available, which can be purchased directly from the company’s website.

One thing you must remember about any air mattress that you choose is that it should provide support to your body. It should not simply act as a cushion or a backrest for your legs. If these aspects are compromised, the result can be severe back pain, spine problems and a lot of discomfort for your muscles. Hence, the best thing that you can do before you buy any air mattresses is to go through the reviews of the users about the various brands of air mattresses available in the market. The feedbacks from these reviews will help you make the right decision when it comes to selecting your air mattress.