Signs You Are a Travel Addict

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Signs You Are a Travel Addict

Everyone, and I mean everyone, loves to travel. But some of us are classed as travel addicts and earn it to the top of this list. Be honest with yourself. Do you really love to travel? If you do, there are some tell tale signs that you may be a travel addict.

A lot of people claim to be travellers. But when they say they are travelling for business purposes, are they really doing what they say they are going to do? What is the real reason behind their travels? The most common travel motives for people are to experience new cultures, go on adventure tours, and even to simply explore the country itself. But do these motives actually ring true for you?

Here’s another one of those tell tale signs you are a travel addict. How much time do you spend planning your travel plans? This is perhaps the most common travel sign amongst travellers. Do you get excited each time you hear about a possible trip? If you do, you’re probably planning to do the same thing every time you plan a trip.

Did you enjoy the holiday you spent in Brazil? If so, did you think about how you would enjoy your next trip to that exotic place? If not, then chances are, you haven’t been on a lot of holidays before. The second sign you are a travel addict, is that you always look forward to your travel plans.

How many countries do you visit in a year? This is another sign that you are a travel addict. Have you ever thought that perhaps you are spending too much time planning your next trip? Do you think this is because you really love to see new places and want to experience different cultures?

The third sign you are a travel addict is that you hate flying. Have you ever heard someone complain about the rude steward on their flight who made them wait an extra five minutes for the next flight? If they did, then they must love getting off the plane. If not, they are probably waiting for their luggage for six hours at a time.

Is traveling on business a problem for you? Have you ever complained to your boss that you have to prioritize your business over your holiday? If so, then you are a fanatic and absolutely love travelling. Are you addicted to seeing new places while you are abroad? If so, you better start packing because you’re flying out soon!

The signs you are a travel addict are easy to spot. If you find yourself saying or doing these things with every holiday or travel you go on, you should probably re-evaluate your relationship with travel. I know how difficult it can be to leave your family behind, but you cannot expect your family to be happy without you. Leave them in the clear and don’t let them get hurt if you choose to take a break from them. If you feel like this is putting too much pressure on your relationship, it may be time to reevaluate your travel habits.

Do you think that when your boss or loved ones say they cannot wait for your next vacation that you will skip vacations to see them? This could easily lead to an increase in stress and depression. If you cannot enjoy your family’s company, then why take a chance on making them happy? It’s not worth it.

As strange as it may sound, the signs you are a travel addict are almost identical to those that would indicate alcoholics. Those suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms often cannot wait to hit the road and will do anything to get their fix. Travelers that take time to decompress and recover from their travel and hotel stays often go home with more problems than they had before they left. Think about it, if you went crazy after visiting a distressing destination, wouldn’t it be just as bad when you are on a road trip?

These are just a few signs that you are a travel addict. If you constantly find yourself getting tense whenever you travel, even for just a few hours, then you may have a problem. If you are withdrawing from family and friends and losing interest in your work or hobbies, this is another red flag. If you feel depressed or lonely even in safe and warm places, this is yet another sign. If you have trouble adjusting to changing locations, regardless of how much you love your job or how nice your hotel is, these are signs you are a travel addict.