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Epic Movies

Epic Films is an international production house producing adventure, fantasy and comedy movies. These films are planned, produced by a small group of film makers who take immense pride in their work. The company is headed by Michael E. Gazzarra, who is the brains behind the company. It has successfully launched some amazing films in the last few years like “Harry Potter” and “The Chronicles of Narnia”.

The company plans to take the production world by storm with a new feature film called “Million Dollar Baby”, a co-production between Universal Pictures and Focus Features. This film will star Dweezle Winter as the child of a famous singer and her battle with personal demons. This is the second film involving Winter that he has done since his first solo film “The Prophecy” in 2021. He will again be playing the role of Dweezle…

In the meantime, Dweezle will be shooting the picture alongside girlfriend Tulip Phillips. The two have worked on several independent films and Dweezle recently co-starred with Phillips in the highly acclaimed animated movie “The Incredibles”. Phillips plays the mother in the film who cares for her two children who are taken in by a mad man. They are protected at all costs by a robot. Dweezle plays the son who is not too keen about sharing his mother’s home with robots.

The company also has a couple of other epic films in the pipeline, including one called “Gods and Ghosts” starring Ed Harris and another named “The Pirate” starring Alexander Flores. The Gods and Ghosts film will be directed by Richard Linkman and produced by Voltage Pictures and Focus Features. The film should start shooting in summer 2021 and hopefully hit theaters around March 2021.

A little bit of trivia: Dweezle co-stars in the acclaimed “Xperia Z”, which was one of the year’s most popular movies. Also co starred in that film was Alexander Flores. Additionally, Dweezle has a role in the upcoming “Windtalkers” as well as “Manijoy”. He’s also appeared in some TV shows like “That 70s Show” and “The X Files”. It would appear as though he has a lot of directing experience, since he’s also attached to the forthcoming “Elysium”. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of directing work he does next.

There are few genres of films that provide as wide an array of plotlines, styles, and themes as epic horror movies do. One such tale that comes to mind is “The Shining” (anti-hero Jim Carrey plays a writer who stumbles into a hotel that once belonged to an infamous serial killer). There are dozens more that share the same general plot. Some are science fiction thrillers, others horror movies (think “Tobe Hooper’s” Halloween).

One thing that all of these have in common is that they require extreme psychological acuity to enjoy. Think about it – if you are reading this article right now, you must be very clever. That, and the fact that epic films are often so intense and dramatic. No wonder they are so popular with movie lovers. These films truly showcase the ability of the human mind.

Of course, it isn’t just epic films that rank high on this list. Most every other film made is at least deserving of a look. These classic films are definitely worth watching… whether you are a classic film fan or not. Simply go ahead and enjoy!

The first epic film I have to mention is ” Lawrence Of Arabia.” I think this one ranks right up there with the best of them. No, I’m not talking about any sort of epic TV show. Instead, I’m referring to a film that came before “Lawrence” (the classic film), “Jesus”, and ” Gladiator”. This film stars Sean Connery as a young spy who ends up in the middle of World War II because of his bravery (he doesn’t speak a word).

Now, this film might not sound all that classic, but its sheer intensity will take your breath away. Like “Lawrence of Arabia,” it too is a brilliant psychological drama. It also stars Sean Connery. In fact, Connery’s portrayal of one of history’s most famous spies is one of the best film heroes ever! This film is a classic in so many ways. For instance, “Lawrence Of Arabia” featured one of the most iconic performances in a classic film (that of Anthony C. Gillis), and ” Gladiator” elevated Sean Connery to the role of a true leading man actor.

Other than “Lawrence Of Arabia,” these are some of my favorite classic epic films. If you haven’t seen them, you should really consider doing so. They are truly timeless… and make for fantastic viewing.