Electric Coupo Car – A Comparison of the GV60 Electric Crossover


Electric Coupo Car – A Comparison of the GV60 Electric Crossover

The new GV60 electric mid-level crossover is the offspring of the GV and Genesis brands. While the old Genesis was a very popular model, it did not offer much in the way of performance improvements or styling. This led to a number of buyers becoming dissatisfied with their purchase and having nothing to show for their money when they went to sell. This led to a search for a new vehicle, hence the GV60 electric drive system.

The new GV60 has received an overhaul of sorts. It now features a new dual-clutch drive system, paddle shifters with foot control, and new transmissions with revised clutch fluid for a more responsive shift and longer gear change times. The result is greater speed, performance, and efficiency. The new drive system uses Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (TVEC) which allows it to better manage airflow through the combustion chambers and thus improve fuel economy. The end result is greater power from less fuel, which translates to higher miles per gallon.

Along with the new transmission, the exterior changes have been subtle but significant. A new grille and front bumper with aggressive lines and a deep, aggressive appearance help the GV60 perform better. Up next is the replacement of the front fender with a carbon fiber piece that helps create a sporty look. The hood has also been redesigned to eliminate obstructions, as well as a new rear diffuser and exhaust that improve air flow, lower emissions, and improve the vehicle’s overall performance.

Up next is the reworking of the chassis to provide better handling and stability while driving. An upgraded suspension system is complete, with stiffer spring and shock absorbers to provide improved passenger and driver comfort. Standard on the GV60 are HID projector fog lights, and new, curvier grill designs. The performance exhaust system has also been updated, now using twin scroll exhaust pipes.

A new all-new rear subframe, designed by Lotus, improves power, performance and chassis balance while at the same time lowering the center of gravity. Up next is the addition of a carbon fiber deck to improve aerodynamic efficiency, while improving fuel efficiency. The standard Bimmer now comes with standard 20″ alloy rims, which are lighter than the factory rim packages, and provide a competitive edge with added performance capabilities. Finally, front and rear shocks have been reconfigured, and both include variable damping to improve handling and performance.

For those looking for a more personalized experience, the new Genesis brand is introducing a new line of electric vehicles. The Bimmer receives an all new exterior paint scheme, complete with a sharper, more powerful body design that highlights the compact, but efficient styling. For those wanting to personalize their vehicle, a new four-wheel drive system called Genysis allows the car to be customized with various options. This includes a manual or automatic transfer system. The transmission can be changed from a manual mode to an automatic mode, and there are also several transmission and brake upgrades that can be purchased separately. Standard safety features, such as dual-zone automatic seatbelts, front and rear crush zones, front and rear airbags, and a structural reinforcement in the frame help to keep your safe and comfortable.

The gasoline powered GV60 electric crossover models come equipped with the same standard features and added benefits, as the electric models. They include front and rear bumpers, side skirt extensions, front and rear stabilizers, front and rear side airbags, daytime running lights, and side view airbags. There is also a vehicle stability control, which helps to ensure that you remain on track while driving. All Genesis models come standard with a two-year warranty.

The GV60 is the perfect candidate for an extended vehicle warranty. It offers extreme value for the asking price, and its strong durability and reliability allow it to be a worthwhile purchase for consumers who demand performance. If you’re ready for something new, but not ready for a major upgrade, the GV60 electric mid-size car model is the perfect vehicle for you. With so many options and so few drawbacks, the Genesis GV60 electric crossover should be a great fit for virtually any taste and budget. Genesis offers a performance for those who demand it, and a value that makes owning a vehicle truly remarkable.