How to Sell a Car on Finance


Selling a car with an outstanding loan can be tricky. Buyers might be wary about buying something they know has debt still outstanding on it. Whether selling privately or trading it in at a dealer, buyers could be wary about purchasing your vehicle with money still owing on it.

However, selling your financed car in Ithaca, Trumansburg and Watkins Glen can still be done; all it requires are some additional steps.

How to Sell a Car That’s Still Owed to a Lender

Many individuals purchase vehicles with some form of financing or loan. As the lender holds on to title for part ownership of the car, selling it without first clearing off its loan can be challenging.

If you want to sell the car before paying off its loan, contact your lender for guidance on how best to sell it. The process may differ depending on whether or not you trade it in with a dealership or sell directly.

If your car can sell for more than what’s still owed on its loan, both you and the buyer can work with your lender to arrange a transfer of ownership. They’ll cover off any outstanding loan amounts before giving the new buyer ownership title of it – making this the easiest way of selling one that’s still being financed while eliminating risk from buyers who might try to take your vehicle without paying.

How to Sell a Car Online

Many drivers prefer selling their car online because it makes the process faster and more convenient. There are various online car-selling options, including dealerships like Vroom and Carvana as well as websites such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist where used cars can be bought and sold.

Before selling a car online, it’s crucial that you conduct adequate research into its value and set an accurate asking price. Tools like Kelley Blue Book can assist in this regard; similarly-listed models on other websites also can help determine a fair asking price.

Once you find a buyer, be sure to communicate clearly and answer all questions they might have about the vehicle’s history. Only accept secure payment methods like cashier’s check or wire transfer so as to protect both parties involved from fraudulent transactions while making the process smooth for both.

How to Sell a Car That’s Still Owed to a Dealer

Solving the puzzle of selling your car when still under financing can be more complex than selling one that’s paid for, because your lender won’t release the title until all loans have been cleared out – meaning either pay it all off before selling, or use some of the proceeds from sale to close out those loans.

Trade it in at a dealership to facilitate transfer ownership to your lender and avoid prepayment penalties or additional fees from dealers. In such an instance, make sure to inquire as to any prepayment penalties or additional costs that might incur.

Alternately, you can sell the car to a private buyer and have them take over payments for you. Before concluding the sale, they’ll require proof that you’ve paid off your loan such as a letter from your lender stating they no longer hold an interest in it; various ways are available to obtain such documents such as CARFAX reports or provincial vehicle reports.

How to Sell a Car That’s Still Owed to a Private Buyer

No matter if you sell to a private buyer or trade it in with a dealership, when selling a car that’s on finance there are still a few key points to keep in mind when selling it. First and foremost is to establish its current value and how much is still owed on it – tools on websites such as Autotrader can provide accurate estimates; any vehicle sold for more than what was owed would qualify as positive equity and would result in more money coming in than is due out.

After selling, contact your lender and inquire how they prefer the transfer of ownership be handled. They may have an established process and provide you with a lien release letter before giving ownership over. In some states, vehicles must also be taken to state agencies that specialize in title registration to complete this step as well. You could use an escrow service or third-party services for added assurances that all steps have been completed as required.

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