Bluetooth Laser Projection Keyboard/Computer Mouse – A Perfect Complement For Your Laptop


Bluetooth Laser Projection Keyboard/Computer Mouse – A Perfect Complement For Your Laptop

A Bluetooth Laser Projection Keyboard/MS-PC Mouse can be a great tool for teaching new computer users the basic operations of using a mouse and a keyboard. This type of equipment comes with a special laser pointer that projects on the screen what is being typed. A Bluetooth laser projection keyboard can be used for teaching Windows users the basics of how to use a keyboard and mouse. The device has a rechargeable battery. You should connect your computer to a USB port.

Product Features: Function: Control multiple computer applications at the same time. Display: Real time projection on a large 16″ LED touch screen. Support: AC/DC,ogenesys, solar power, battery pack. Interface: USB, serial bus, PC board, mouse.

Packing List: Product Size: Each item in this set comes in a variety of different sizes. Typically, a Bluetooth laser mouse takes up about a 95mm x 44mm x 48mm package. There are typically four to six items in this package depending on the size of each individual item. One of these devices will usually have a five foot USB cord. These devices may also contain the necessary photoelectric sensor for your application.

Power Source: A rechargeable battery is typically required in this type of device. Most batteries in this category can be powered by the user’s cell phone battery. There are some that require an external power supply. Other plug in options are available. The packaging will provide you with details on what power sources you will need with this product.

Package: The actual product itself comes in a standard white gift box. Some of the more expensive packages include a mobile phone stand and a rechargeable lithium ion battery. This is not a must, but it is a great option for those purchasing at a higher price range. Other special features may also be provided depending on the manufacturer.

Accessories: Like many of the products that we see today, this also includes a number of accessories. Laser projectors with Bluetooth capabilities will typically come with a tripod, a mouse mat, a Bluetooth Laser Projection Keyboard and Mouse, and an optional Bluetooth Laser Projector Screen Kit. Some models will also include a carrying case. These additional accessories are nice to have, but not essential to viewing the projected images.

Display: Like most laptop stands, this one folds down into a small case. It has a convenient place to store your laptop when you are not working on it. It is simple to carry out and easy to use. You can adjust the viewing angle and select which side the LCD panel will be displayed on.

As you can see, there are quite a few features this amazing device offers. It is definitely worth taking a look at. The ability to project images from your computer into another display area is a real boon, especially if you are involved with presentations or live presentations at your office. With Bluetooth Laser Projection keyboard/mouse and a notebook computer, you will never miss a beat.

What’s more, you can also use this keyboard in a car, airplane, or boat. Imagine being able to take notes on your laptop while you are traveling. Your fingers will thank you later. With the projection feature, you can also take presentations to different places without the need of additional equipment. You can get the same effect as you would get in a real conference room by using your laptop screen.

The Bluetooth Laser Projection Keyboard/Computer Mouse also serves as a very useful tool in handling multiple wireless devices. You can use it in multiple computers or notebooks, laptops, netbooks, tablet computers, or other wireless devices. You can type on your laptop, view the documents on the screen, download or upload files, send email, chat, or play online games. This is a perfect tool for people who often attend many meetings and conferences.

You can always depend on a Bluetooth laser projection keyboard to give you the most convenient and comfortable computing experience. You won’t have any problems with compatibility, since it is perfectly designed to work with many of the leading brands of laptop computers and notebooks. You won’t have any trouble operating this keyboard, either. It includes great comfort, quality, and value. This is the best choice for all people, no matter how often they use their laptop or notebook computer.

The Bluetooth laser projection keyboard/computer mouse is very easy to use. You just have to point to the text or images on the screen, and then select “type”. You can use this keyboard even when you are not in front of your computer. You can also make the keyboard “auto-responsive”, so you will never have to touch the keys if you don’t want to. This is also a great choice if you travel a lot, as you can take your keyboard with you wherever you go.